Feery's Leap

Session 82


Marvelday the 5th of Dearth 5060

After speaking with the fountain-tender elemental, the party returned to the Keep. Feordin broke in the new inn, the Laughing Lich, while Gux went to the White Jackal’s tomb to fix the conduit there.

Conduit repairs

After two weeks of game time, and for each week thereafter, the following skill checks can be rolled to execute conduit repairs:

  • Knowledge (arcana)
  • Knowledge (eldritch arcana)
  • Knowledge (architecture & engineering)
  • Craft (lapidary)
  • Craft (mason)

Multiple people may work on the project, and a total of seven successful rolls are required to complete repairs (they must be a mix of Knowledge and Craft checks). Using a stone shape spell adds +4 to the Craft checks. A roll of 1 on any of these checks does further damage to the conduit, requiring a DC 30 Craft (lapidary) check to fix.

Scholar for hire

The company’s tailor shop in Orgolash received a call from a wizard named Nervil Grayzer Hawke. Mr. Hawke is a recent graduate from Greeling College, the school that they visited to purchase a scroll of Mephaniel’s proxy. The wizard has heard of the party’s interest in classical history, and would like to offer his services to the party for 6 months or so. He is a native of Tarsh, raised near Ovation before he studied in Orgolash. He is fluent in Tarshakan, Elven, Dwarven, Draconic, and Sylvan, and knows a little Classic Orichalan. He is looking for an agreement that includes room and board, with a small stipend. Location is negotiable.

Several party members teleported to Orgolash to meet with the aspiring wizard. They thought he showed enough promise to let him work on their findings from their most recent tomb explorations (Session 79, Session 80, Session 81). They exchanged arcane marks and will check on him in 3 weeks. They gave their tailors enough money to cover his room and board during this trial period.

A missed call

An eccentric nobleman from Warwick (City State region) arrived in Sitoon with a small retinue of seasoned explorers, and has hired guides to take him into the steppes. He stopped briefly at Feery’s Leap before heading to the Desert Lotus Outpost, then the Charm Tree, and the Keep, before proceeding east, possibly southeast, into the wastes. He gave the name Radyosha Alyeovich Deniskov, and he claims that he has ancestors who came from the steppes, and was worried that explorers in the steppes might disturb his ancestors’ remains and relics. He has retained the Oaken Guise adventuring company from Feery’s Leap, and the survivors of Driku’s Widowmakers from Shalay.

Journey to Silent Reflections

To retrieve Aranethon, the rest of the party (Edane, Oervind, Valess, Sender & Shegger) sailed upriver as far as they could go, rode the rest of the way to the waystation at Norikhan, and from there turned southwest toward the research camp of Silent Reflections, named after the dream-city that Manudhar had accidentally discovered there (session 20). A dozen wizards and scholars from Feery’s Leap had gathered there under the gnome diviner Wainey Wickle’s supervision.

The elven dream-wizard Eylavien agreed to guide Edane and Oervind into the Dream of Silent Reflections, help them find their companion, and return to the material plane. The rest of the party waited in the camp for a little over a day, until they returned with Aranethon.

Stela intervention

During their absence, the rest of the party discussed what to do about the partial stela of Orichalan text that the drifter treant merchant-prince Hentennec the Scourge claimed to have for sale. Was it really a fragment of one of these stelae? Did they have the means to purchase it legitimately? If it was a “real” stela, what was more important: obtaining it or preventing the wrong people from claiming it? Was this beyond the party’s means to accomplish? Traveling to the southern border of Durju lands to drive back the orcs might be a better use of their talents.

Aranethon had spent the winter studying the stelae and meditating, before deciding to visit Silent Reflections to search for more clues to his god’s history. He realized that the stelae were someone’s attempt to tell a story, a tale important enough to protect against the ravages of time. And somehow that story was key to the history of the steppes, and to his god’s past.

Aranethon said that even if the rest of the party weren’t interested, he would go to Vertigo to figure out how to get the stela. It was that important to him. Valess also expressed interest, and managed to talk Aranethon out of it. “Let me take care of this,” she said, “I know something about navigating the ”/campaign/feery-s-leap/wikis/plane-of-entropy" class=“wiki-page-link”> falling-down-place, and I know people who can help. I can pull this off, one way or the other." The rest of the party gave their assent and blessings, and arcane marks to contact Edane, Oervind, and Sender with updates. Edane sent lesser sending to G√Ęshek to inform him of their plans, and to let him know that Valess would contact him once she reached Vertigo.

Durju’s tattered hem

Far south of Sitoon, near the southernmost reach of the Durju pantheon’s influence, the sparse local population has found itself in escalating conflict with bands of orcs. They have asked for adventurers (any able hands, really) to come south and defend them from orckish ravages.

Seeing a chance to be heroes, the party (Edane, Oervind, Sender, Shegger, and Aranethon) rode to Feery’s Leap, teleported to Sitoon, and set sail south. On the 15th of Dearth they reached the last river mouth in Durju lands, and calmed the local fishermen enough to persuade a rotten-mouthed old man to take them upriver to the next settlement. There they persuaded one of the settlement’s 10 survivors (a 28-year-old “elder”) to guide them upriver to a keep the orcs have taken. They made camp overnight about half-way between the settlement and the keep. Expecting trouble overnight, Oervind cast wall of stone several times to provide fortifications.


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