Feery's Leap

Session 83

Great Southern Orcking

16th of Dearth, 5060

Evening hostilities

Camping overnight, the party was accosted by a small hunting party of seasoned orcs – one of whom had ram’s horns. Daylight and blistering radiance broke up their assault pretty quickly. Though Oervind was rudely awakened by flaming javelins in his backside, his summoned fiendish dire wolf more than made up for it.

The orcs’ remains did not seem noteworthy: no particularly valuable items, no magic items, no valuables. None of them was dressed much better than the others.

Later in the evening, Sender and Shegger spotted a large wolf on the far side of the river, apparently studying the camp. It backed off when approached.

Mayhem in the morning

The party finished the upriver trek to the ruins of Haeldregu keep, where the orcs and their allies had made their base. Imbued with invisibility and flight, the party approached for reconnaissance. They saw wolves, a few horses, and several hobgoblins around the keep. The orcs, they assumed, would be asleep inside.

Oervind summoned a large earth elemental to drop on the keep to flush out the occupants, and the party indulged in a brief orgy of destruction as orcs, goblins, hobgoblins, and kobolds streamed out of the main building (and later the guardhouse). They summoned several interesting creatures to fight on their behalf, and Sender blasted the keep’s main door with fireball spells as the occupants ran out in terror. Aranethon carpeted the keep with blistering radiance.

The party noticed that someone inside had summoned another earth elemental to fight with Oervind’s. Sender spotted a hobgoblin reach the roof and disappear (without casting a spell). Sender quickly cast see invisibility to see the hobgoblin slipping away on a broom. About that point, they also saw an orc on the roof, casting dispel magic at him to strip his invisibility. The party offered him aid in escaping, and Edane distracted the orc with a well-placed scorching ray before the party slipped away into the skies.

The party regrouped to make camp a few miles away, there to converse with the hobgoblin and discuss what to do next.



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