Feery's Leap

Session 85

Sidebar: Plugging in the White Jackal's tomb

10th of Dearth 5060

Gux collected the manufactured conduit replacements from Feery’s Leap, and Feordin, Manudhar, and local hire Savannah Stalu escorted him. Connecting the conduits to the replacements was exhausting and demanding work. The artisans had reconstructed seven conduit components. One of the connections conveyed a strong blue light that blinded Gux for several hours.

When Gux connected the bright conduit there was a bit of planar distortion, but the sixth conduit conveyed a charge of spell energy that pushed it over the edge. The planar boundary thinned, and some red-skinned outsider marauders broke through. They attacked Gux, and did quite a bit of damage before his friends distracted a few of them. They managed to dispatch the invaders, and decided to wait until the following day to finish the repairs.


kelurian kelurian

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