Feery's Leap

Session 86

Deeper Orcking

10th of Dearth 5060

(a continuation of the raid on Haeldregu Keep to flush out and defeat the orckish warlord occupying the site.)

The party managed to dispatch or scare off the remaining worgs, goblins, kobolds, and hobgoblins outside. An invisible figure on top of the keep proved difficult, and managed to summon a fiendish giant wasp to molest Edane while a basilisk came up from within the keep, but Sender laid down Evard’s black tentacles to prevent any more reinforcements from coming up. Sender, Edane, Shegger, and Aranethon defeated the basilisk and the invisible figure: a spell-throwing female orc.

The basilisk turned into an orc when slain, which suggests polymorphing. Within the keep, there were sounds of fighting and occasional splatters of blood or gore coming out the windows. The amount of arrow fire slowed to a trickle.

Oervind summoned a multi-armed planar creature to batter down the front door of the keep, then approached to summon an air elemental through an arrow slit on the first floor. Then he went up to the second floor, laid a geas on the archer in the window (“stand down and defend me!”), and used a dimension door to get inside.


kelurian kelurian

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