Feery's Leap

Session 87

Orc-colored paste

10th of Dearth 5060

Continuing the assault on Haeldregu Keep, the party regrouped on the first floor and worked their way up. Along the way, they heard (and felt) a spellburst upstairs. Clearly, the fighting they had heard involved a fair amount of spellcasting (in addition to their own expenditures).

Oervind took advantage of the orcs’ weak minds to bind several in a lesser geas with the command to defend him. Sender bound several orcs with a well-placed web, and Girrock’s hobgoblin friends did an admirable job of sabotaging the orcs’ forces from within.

Between the hobgoblin traitors and the spellburst, the party faced a significantly softened defensive line. There was something strange, though… two individuals (a hobgoblin and an orc) who were fighting on Girrock’s side asked to be killed once combat on their floor had subsided. Shegger thought that it might be for spiritual reasons, and Aranethon thought they might not have been acting of their own volition.

The orc warlord either died in the spellburst or escaped, but the party killed or geased his lieutenants. Six of Girrock’s allies survived the battle, and Shegger suggested that they go to the party’s keep and offer their services to the settlement. They might find a purpose and a place for themselves there.


kelurian kelurian

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