Feery's Leap

Session 88

Orcking Diversion

Durju heroes swoop in with thoughts of saving the day. They’re nonplussed at having missed all the action, but rally at the thought of marching south to assault the orckish populations mustered there.

The leader of the band is a foreigner named Vanimarakkuri, who would appear to be of Karakhan descent, possibly genie-blooded. The two parties broke bread and exchanged information, then decided to part ways. The Windless Ring returned north to check on Gux and Feordin at the Desert Lotus Outpost, and Vanimarakkuri’s party ventured south to engage the orcs in full force.

Upon arrival at the Outpost, the party learned about Gux’s progress with the conduit, and his work to resolve the energy fluctuations it has produced. He has managed to minimize the planar thinning, but it may take some weeks before it is safe to cast spells near the White Jackal’s tomb.

The Outpost recently received a visit from some halfling scouts who had come in from the deep bush. While exploring, they’d been caught by a sudden haboob, and lost their way trying to race to shelter. When the storm passed just after nightfall, they found themselves lost in the high desert. As they prepared to make camp the next night, they noticed a feeble light from a rocky outcropping nearby. Closer inspection revealed that the rocks were a very old ruin, through which a lone figure appeared to be wandering, holding a candle. The scouts did not approach the ruin – the sight of such a place in a blasted waste, days away from any natural source of water or food, gave them pause. They opted to move on, and report their findings.

The Windless Ring thought that sounded worth inspecting, and set out right away (Sender, Shegger, Edane, Oervind, Aranethon). They made the journey, found the ruin, and saw the candle-light after nightfall. They approached the ruin, and found the candle left standing on the ground, beside a recently-dislodged stone slab that revealed a passage beneath the ground. They felt an unsettling emanation, similar to unholy ground, though were unable to determine the exact nature of the phenomenon.


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