Gâshek ab-Jurash

plane-hopping punk


Common Viridian 20-something; looks like a peasant, carries himself like a prince. Uncovered face.


(0.34 per level of rogue, 0.25 per level of warlock, sorcerer, or eldritch theurge)
rog 1/ war 3/ sor 4/ eld 3 = 2.84

  1. - Influence (Vertigo)
  2. - Influence (Tula)

x – Influence (Viridistan)
x – Information (City State)


Gâshek was a street urchin in Viridistan when an agent of Tchai Shavíl found him and recognized his raw talent. He trained with shadow- genies and drifters, learning to use his talents at sorcery and his warlock gifts to serve the aspiring merchant-prince. He spends half of each year at his master’s call, and the other half at his leisure. In addition to his time in Vertigo and elsewhere in the plane of Entropy, he has frequented the City of Sighs, the Obsidian Spires, Viridistan, Tula, the Holy Cities, and the City State. His extensive time in the planes of shadow and entropy have effectively extended his lifespan.

He saw Edane in Vertigo, and remembered her from her childhood. Though his specific motives are not clear, he opted to help Edane and several of her comrades get back to the material plane. He spent the rest of his personal time in their company before returning to serve the merchant-thief in Vertigo.

Gâshek ab-Jurash

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