Ghost General


This ghost is clearly ancient, and has long-term plans. He somehow managed to steal the finely articulated construct from the White Jackal’s tomb, and claim it as his body while he raised several armies to march across the Steppes.

He developed a small cult based in an old ruin in the north of the Steppes, he infiltrated the cult at the Shrine of Tirnoth-Avoleth, and he worked with some other ghosts to develop the encampment of Shadowstitch (apparently in an attempt to build a third cult).

After the party scattered the faithful at the Shrine of Tirnoth-Avoleth and killed the Oracle of Shadowstitch, they followed a druidic distress call to an old earthwork shrine, where they routed his forces and forced him to retreat with his troll sergeants (but without his construct body).

Ghost General

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