gracious genie diplomat


Halashrashiyd is something of a celebrity in Orgolash. His obviously foreign features and otherworldly air mark him as a member of a more human-like lineage of genies, and he typically spends three out of every four months in Orgolash or touring Tarsh with his retinue. He tempers the typical genie haughtiness with a genuine-seeming warmth and apparent candor. He seems to relish his local fame, and he may not be above base flattery.

The genie cuts a striking figure, wearing bright and finely-tailored garb that would fit more on the streets of Tula or the bustling streets of a Karakhan metropolis. In all seasons he enjoys fresh exotic flowers, foods, and spices, and showers gifts on his retinue.

The genie maintains contacts in his family and across the planes, and it is said that he can persuade his kindred to intercede on a character’s behalf for the right price. He can occasionally be seen in the company of exotic beings, though the more outlandish-looking guests disguise themselves before going out in public.

It would seem that the genie has no stomach for combat, preferring to chat and carouse away the centuries. He collects and trades favors, translates speech and documents, and arranges meetings with hard-to-reach people. He has at least occasional contact with all the major players of Tarsh, and many of the minor ones. While many would like to join his retinue or purchase secrets, few mortals have anything he values – he will not even take an offer of slavery.

Luckily for the masses that seek his services but cannot pay his price, others in Halashrashiyd’s retinue will sometimes offer their own services. While more limited in scope, they come at a much more reasonable price.

The Entourage

Halashrashiyd surrounds himself with about a dozen servants, devotees, and friends at any given time. They usually assume an appearance best described as “benignly exotic.” Their styling may be ostentatious, but they aim for unusual, not alarming. Many of his hangers-on are planar beings, but they downplay their alien appearance with costume, and with disguises both magical and mundane.

His retinue in Orgolash regularly includes lillends (under a polymorph or alter self effect). He is fond of employing beings with natural disguise abilities, including doppelgangers and changelings. He also appears to “collect” gith who are estranged from their people.



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