Sefu Manech

buggy mind-shepherd


Contacts (every 3 society mind levels)
1 – Information: Drishi Zasherach, patrol documentation specialist, Irrelach
2 – Skill [Knowledge (region: Valley)(region: Tarantis)(history: modern)]: Iddi Mizredeshech, regional monitor, Irrelach
3 – Influence: Milianu Diresh-jî, adjunct-conveyer to the 7 th qutb of Irrelach



What names do you go by (among friends, among family, on formal occasions, on legal documents)?

Formal: Sefu Mannech. Informal: Sefu. Legal: Ha’Adiraú Sefu Mannech Ti’Irrelach.

How old are you, and how long have you led an “adult” life?

Adulthood is 13, 4 years studying, and 3 years serving as a node in the society mind – Sefu is 20 years old.

Where did you grow up, and what was your upbringing like?

Sefu grew up in the Irrelach enclave, raised by a supportive household of performers. It was the peacemaker and diplomat in its exuberant and sometimes tempestuous family. Its drive for harmony drew it to join the society mind, where it studied to join all people in mutual understanding. During training, it had an illicit affair, and bore a child (which its household agreed to raise, to absorb some of the shame). It volunteered for surface-patrol work shortly afterward.

Have you kept in touch with your family? Have you considered starting a family of your own?

Sefu maintains contact with the Elders, through which it has passed on very basic news. It misses its family, and the rich web of worldthought that exists in the warrens. It misses its household, and dearly misses the child it feels unfit to nurture.

Would your parents be proud of you if they could see you now?

Would Sefu’s household be proud? It is unsure. It wants to explore more open relations with the outside world, but it recognizes that its efforts could prove disastrous. If the gamble pays off, then it may return to the enclave with honor.

Do you own property (land, buildings, slaves, businesses)?

One cannot own land, though one can be a steward. In the Irrelach enclave, most households function as businesses, which are owned in common. There is virtually no such thing as personal property, and Sefu still doesn’t quite grasp the concept.

What oaths have you sworn, and how sacred are they to you?

Guard these Bleak Thresholds with your life:

  • Destroy the dead, that they do not return.
  • Let none enter the shrouded lands, on pain of death.
  • Let none leave the shrouded lands, on pain of eternal damnation. Raise an army to hold the threshold.
  • Respect the distance between the enclave and the outer wastes. The outer worlds may rise and fall, but the inner must always remain.
What was the scariest moment in your life? The most joyous? The angriest?

Scariest: discovering it was pregnant. Joyous: giving birth, and seeing the child. Saddest: parting with the child, and leaving the household. Angriest? Don’t know… yet.

When did you first take a life? How did you feel about it?

Guarding the shrouded lands usually involves killing. Animals and some sentient beings can be warned or chased away, but it often comes to force of arms. In the course of duty, it’s an inescapable evil – a necessary burden for the individual to endure to protect the greater whole.

How do you feel about settled folk (ordinary townspeople)?

Sefu feels the people of the Irrelach enclave are very sheltered, very fortunate, and the Elders keep much truth from them in their pursuit of a well-governed whole. If more people knew of the pain, suffering, and loneliness in the outside world, they would feel obliged to go out and fix it. If they did that, they would be too much of a target for unscrupulous outsiders. They’d be so busy protecting the enclave that they couldn’t adequately guard the Bleak Thresholds.

How do you feel about different kinds of folk (men, women, various races/ species…)?

They’re a largely undifferentiated mass of weirdness. They come in so many shapes, sizes, configurations, temperaments, skillsets… there seems to be little rhyme or reason. Sefu chooses its words carefully in dealing with outsiders, because it usually cannot tell what race, gender, or culture an individual belongs to.

Where would you like to be in 10 years, and what would you like to have accomplished?

Sefu would like to be well-respected and established within a loving household. There will always be tension between the duties of the society mind and the drives of the individual, and the group must always come first. While it wishes for the comfort of community, it suspects that the fates (and the Elders) are more likely guide it to a place among the anchor nodes of the society minds. It may have some useful insight to share, though, from the outside world. In many ways, it seems that its outside experiences might prove very valuable to the inner world of the enclave (filtered through the Elders, of course).

How do you feel about looting corpses? Or stealing from enemies, strangers, allies, lovers…?

Possessions? We share within the group, so all have what they need. Beyond the group, if another’s need is great, why not give? If we are in need, then surely another will recognize and share. If they are dead, destroy the corpse, take what can be useful, and leave the rest. The only way to violate a corpse is to leave it intact.

What is sacred to you? What is evil?

The Bleak Thresholds are sacred. Love and trust are sacred. Evil is bringing trouble to someone’s doorstep instead of owning it yourself.

What do you do to curry the favor of your god(s)? How active a role do they (seem to) take in your life?

Gods? The Elders are the closest thing to gods that Sefu knows, and they contact it occasionally to exchange information. Sefu has never met a god, nor seen evidence of one, though that does not necessarily mean they do not exist.

When you die, what would you like done to your body?

Burn it, smash the bones, stir the ashes into the earth, and wash it with water.

Sefu Manech

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