stalwart bugbear soldier


Contacts (every 5 bugbear or ranger levels)
1 – Information: Hotthu, priest of Hennta in the Shrine of the Eldest Watcher (Valley 3316)
2 – Influence: Shavriel, thorn (fey) scout of the Charm Tree’s domain


Seth-Durrash came from a bugbear tribe north of the Steppes. A goblin wizard enslaved him to be his personal assistant/ guard, and took control of a goblin chieftain. The Windless Ring came across the goblins after they’d set up camp in the shadow of the dream-place called Silent Reflections. Once the party defeated the wizard and broke the charm, Seth-Durrash turned on his captors. Feordin persuaded him to travel with the party for a time afterward.

Seth-Durrash found traveling with the company to be a deeply transformative experience. Bereft of his clan and honor, abused and disillusioned, he found solace in this company of brave problem-solvers who worked for a higher cause without being slaves to it. They demonstrated how mere mortals can rise above their circumstances to command their own fates, and achieve honor and power for themselves while also helping others. He learned to accept and appreciate their compassion, generosity, and pragmatism as well as their bravery. As far as he is concerned, they are now his clan.

After traveling with the party for a while, and spending some time working with the defenders of Feery’s Leap, Seth-Durrash had a child (while at sea with the company). Much to his relief, the child was born blue-eyed, revealing its human parentage. Seth-Durrash found it necessary to confine himself to Feery’s Leap for a while to raise the child.

Despite his months at Feery’s Leap, Seth-Durrash remains particularly close to the Windless Ring. Since they settled Alacrity Keep, he has become the de facto captain of the guard, which includes beating the ego out of a few goblinoids. He keeps a watchful eye on his child, to make sure the boy grows up both strong and wise. Sefu has been very helpful in this regard.

Child: called Yukku (scrubby weed), sometimes called Kekk (runt). He should be ready to earn his name around his third birthday.

Animal companion: Triumph (GĂȘthek), Heavy War Horse – Lusitano stallion, buckskin w/ metalic bloom. This is Seth-Durrash’s second horse companion.


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