Tchai Shavíl

merchant-prince of Vertigo


The merchant-prince known as Tchai Shavíl is a notable figure in Vertigo, though there are at least a dozen more influential than he.

Tchai Shavíl was born to a well-connected family of janni who served a noble genie family that split its time between the the City of Scales, Tula, the City of Arms, and the City of Brass. When his lord lost a wager in the City of Brass, Tchai Shavíl was sold into slavery to a drifter. It took the better part of a century, but he eventually turned the scales and took over his new master’s operations. Though now a drifter himself, he cultivated contacts with his genie kin, and expanded his operation’s tentacles to most of the planar metropolises.

The merchant-prince’s servants are always on the lookout for fresh talent and goods, and he encourages them to take slaves and street urchins for indenture. As a result, the majority of his minions are non-drifters.

Befitting his identity as genie, merchant-prince, and drifter, Tchai Shavíl has preternaturally sharp business acumen. He is a dangerously good judge of character, and is always looking for ways to increase and consolidate his empire.

Tchai Shavíl

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