Character Creation

Starting Attributes

Roll 8 sets of 4d6, discard the lowest die from each set, and choose 6 of the 8 sets for stats. You are encouraged to choose one of the bottom two scores from the roll. The entire roll series may be thrown out if it is a particularly unsatisfying roll (per mutual agreement between GM and player).

Home Region

Players are encouraged to make characters native to (or traveling in) the Valley region of the Wilderlands, since that is the primary locale of the campaign.

In the Wilderlands setting, very few people travel any more than absolutely necessary, so even most travelers know only rumors and colorful tales about far-away places. Strange-looking people are often viewed with suspicion, and sometimes treated with extreme prejudice.

Adventurers are oddballs, drawn or forced to live on the fringe of society as mercenaries, explorers, salvagers, and pioneers. Even in their homelands they are a people apart. Ordinary folk view them with a volatile mix of awe and suspicion. Most adventurers leave the calling feet first. Those who survive often retire to become innkeepers, merchants, or scholars.

Available Races

See the section on Ethnography for some possibilities of playable races. Some races may provide special challenges or complications, and require further discussion.

Available Classes

The list of classes available depends on the character’s background, and should be discussed with the GM. Some classes are only available in major metropolises, or specific kingdoms, or obscure cults.

Starting Level

The campaign started with characters at an ECL (effective character level) of 3. Late additions may start at a different level, or go through an accelerated series of “level-up” sessions.

Skill Points

All characters start with 4 free ranks to spend in the Language skill for their native tongue(s), and four free ranks in Knowledge: Region for their home region(s). Characters all receive one more skill point per level than listed in the official rules (4 more at character creation) – this is to compensate for the fact that speaking or reading languages now costs skill points, as does familiarity with various regions.

The Wilderlands setting goes into a bit more detail with some skills than the standard D&D rules, and we’ve made some effort to fit these adjustments into a comfortable whole. See the Skill Clarification page for more details.

Character Creation

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