City State


based on content from The Players’ Guide to the Wilderlands:

The Alryan city-state is more of a heady political power than a sea power. Though the Roglaron is uncannily wide and deep (some would say unnaturally so), it can be treacherous for larger seacraft. For that reason more than any other, trade has flourished in Modron (city), as the gateway to the City State of the Invincible Overlord. The mightiest of sea ships berth in Modron, taking smaller craft up the river to the City State. Approaching Modron itself is quite easy, as long as sailors obey the prominent buoys and light-houses that warn of shoals and merfolk preserves. The merfolk in the shoals around Modron are as much a part of the city as are the Alryans and Roglaras within.

Ossary, once the Amazon capitol in the region, has fallen to the Skandiks, though it is more of a settlement than the Skandiks have controlled for some time. Amazon communities across the Wilderlands are working to reclaim the city, holy land to one of their principal goddesses. Ships with all-Amazon (or all female) crew often conduct ship-to-ship trade in the area, and occasionally hire passing craft to join them in an assault on Skandik ships and settlements.

The Skandiks have settlements along the coast of Longship Havens, though they largely keep away from the Amazons. They consume large amounts of wood, so their settlements tend to move over the years. Unlike some Skandik settlements to the north they prefer to take from foreigners rather than make for themselves. They regularly raid Roglaras, Alryan, Amazon, Antillian, and Altanian settlements along rivers and seas in both the City State region and the Altanis region. They rarely engage in ship-to-ship contact, preferring to outrun other craft with their nimble longships.

from The World of the Wilderlands:

The Roglaras is named for the great River Roglaroon, a wide estuary of strange depths and ancient secrets that splits the region in twain. At the heart of the Roglaras stands Dearthwood Forest, so named as one upon a winter deep and grim the bones of the dead outnumbered the deadwood under the ancient eaves. Upon the shores of the Roglaroon, between the Mermist Marshes and the Dearthwood stands the City State of the Invincible Overlord, the most powerful realm of the Roglaras and some say, of the Wilderlands entirely. Its evils are ancient though its walls are young, for the city is built upon the ruins of countless prior cities, a veritable ruinous hill within which are tunnels and dungeons deep into the heart of the earth. The skyline of the city is dominated by the Cryptic Citadel, the tallest manmade (?) structure known, a vast pile of huge black stones 500 feet tall. Between deepest dungeon and tallest parapet is a great city, a fearsome city, where merchants rub shoulders with savages, goblins trade with dwarves, and elves and orcs sip ale and eat mead side by side.

The Overlord rules a great realm, with most of the cities and towns of the Roglaras paying tribute or held in fief by his nobles and lords outright. Most, but not all… To the south, between walls formed by the Cloudwall Mountains and the Ered Losthain are the highlands of the Altanians, red-skinned barbarians savage of heart and mighty thewed.

To the east, from the Graven Hollows to the Stillring Vale, are the lands of the Tharbrians. Most are either allied with the Overlord, paying tribute to him, or outright held in fief by the King of Modron (city), the Overlord’s greatest vassal. The eastern coast is dominated by the realm of the Skandiks, bitter and ancient enemies of the City State.

The northern coast is similarly dominated by the lords of Warwik, descended from nobles of the City State exiled long centuries ago for their alliance with Viridistan, though the Sverkka and Norkka contest the rule of the Green Lords. To the north stands the citadel of the Overlord’s greatest ally, Thunderhold, home of the mountain dwarves of the lost Majestic Fastness; the Fastness itself lost these long centuries to Analegorn the Great, a great red wyrm who still rules the ancient dwarven delves with his vile offspring and hordes of humanoids and fouler things. And to the west, the Middle Kingdoms, a patchwork of small realms amidst forest, glade, and vale, each paying tribute to the Overlord, the Emperor, or both.

In between the greater realms can be found tribes of orcs, clans of trolls, forests filled with elves, plains crawling with savage nomads, and ruins — countless ruins of ancient civilizations from time out of mind.

City State

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