Death and Resurrection

Death is bad. There may be one or two hundred clerics in the Wilderlands capable of raising the dead -– what are the chances you can find one of them and persuade them to resurrect your friend?

Though few characters understand it, resurrection powers are actually demanding of the gods that provide them. Gods will not grant characters of less than Epic level the ability to revive more than one creature per month, if that. In addition to the normal component and service costs, clerics will often require great vows of service or lavish donations before they will agree to burden their god with a request for resurrection. There are even tales of priests who have fallen out of favor with their gods for profligate use of resurrective powers.

Not only are the spells raise dead, reincarnate, and resurrection (and their corrollaries) taxing to perform, but anything that simulates them is similarly draining. Using limited wish, wish, or reality revision to recall and reinstate a dead soul is likely to work, but will strip the spell or power from the caster or manifester’s list of known spells or powers for at least a month. Occasionally such a work-around will produce nasty side effects, ranging from nightmares or premature aging to crop failures and plagues.

These rules apply only to those forces that can restore a soul that has left the body. Spells and powers that rescue a soul before it has left the body (like psionic revivify) do not suffer such restrictions. The revivification window is short. Though most descriptions assert that it only works in the first round after death, some attempts have been successful minutes after death.

Death and Resurrection

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