Foreign Offices and Teleport Sites

Since the Windless Ring now contains several individuals capable of rapid transit (I’m looking at you, Gux and Oervind), and given that their interests will occasionally bring them to foreign cities or planes, it makes sense for them to maintain a presence or easy access to several interesting places.

Please let me know if you’d like to add more locations.

Alacrity Keep

Naturally, Gux and Oervind have left arcane marks in the foyer of the Keep. In addition, they have left marks at known teleport-accessible points near:

  • Sitoon
  • Feery’s Leap
  • Kimenta


Since Oervind accidentally teleported to a wizard’s lab in Orgolash, the party has found it helpful to visit this hub of the northern wilds. Tarsh is a place rich in resources and potential, but difficult to reach from the south.

Edane has spent some time recruiting settlers/ skilled individuals for the Keep, and Orgolash is a good place to find people who would have the right blend of rugged resourcefulness, curiosity, racial tolerance, and balls to handle life at the Keep.

Edane has rented a small storefront and has two of her followers running a tailor’s shop there. They have a locked room in the back with arcane marks for Gux and Oervind to teleport in.

Edane has paid rent on the space for the year (180gp).


As a graduate from the Rainbow College, Oervind has his arcane mark inscribed in the Hall of Arrival. He is friends with the Gatekeeper there.


Gux naturally has an arcane mark in his family’s estate on the outskirts of Valon. As bracing as he finds a good sail on icy waters, being able to teleport home as needed does have its advantages.

Sea Rune

Oervind left an arcane mark at the temple of Bragi in Sea Rune, near the small shrine in memory of Edane’s father Afvaldr.

Foreign Offices and Teleport Sites

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