based on material from The Players’ Guide to the Wilderlands:

The region of Ghinor is a land of contrasts, with dense jungles on the south, the craggy Isles of the Blest in the north, and volcanic islands of the Silver Skein in the east. The dominant people of the region are of Ghinoran heritage, particularly Skeinish folk.

Sites of interest:


Tula, the Rainbow City, is the preeminent center of magical studies in the Wilderlands, and the only place in the main map area where specialist wizards can be trained (with the exception of frost wizards in Valon (city)).

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Ralluvans (also called Ralluvim) are mostly Skeinish folk, with a significant infusion of Skandik and Antillian stock and traces of common Orichalan, Altanian, merfolk, and Karak blood. While they do not disdain magic, their longstanding rivalry with Tula has bred a strong distrust for collegiate magic. Bards fill most arcane roles in Rallu, with the occasional sorcerer, cleric, or sea druid filling in. Rallu is strongly polytheistic and syncretic, as it is more than anything a city-state of seafarers. Hadozee are more common in Rallu than in any other city in the Wilderlands. There is even a clan of water-loving black Neamuans who have insinuated themselves into the community.

Ralluvan ships, expertly outfitted in mostly-mundane technology, are famous (or infamous) in the southern waters of the Wilderlands. Most Viridian merchants keep Ralluvan ships on retainer as guards, and often use Ralluvan ships for their actual trade. Antillian traders often indulge in a similar arrangement, using Ralluvan craft and seamen interchangeably with their own. The best defense against Ralluvan pirates is to have Ralluvan crew that can speak well of your captain and vessel, since rare is the son of Rallu who will turn on his own at sea.

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from The World of the Wilderlands:

In ancient days this region was part of the Elven Realm of Hy-Brazil, ruled from a magnificent city upon an island that sank beneath the waves long ago. Many elven ruins along the coast of the Sea of Five Winds date from this utterly ancient time, of which the local elves speak not, or dismiss as mere legends.

Later, the northern Ghinor coast and the many islands of the Sea of Five Winds were fought over by the Dragon Empire, the Enneadim Empire, the Tlanitlan Empire, and the Amazons, each again leaving various ruins and relics. Today the vast jungles of the Ghinor Coast are home to wandering tribes of Mgona nomads and small clans of Tlanitlan savages, descended either from earlier migrants to the region or exiles from the fall of the Tlanitlan Empire. The few civilized settlements in the region were founded by exiles from other lands: Lofton by half-elves from Sunev, Chim by Ironfoot dwarves, and Dantell by Tulamites; even Autron, the city of the orcs, was founded by Demonbrood orcs, brought to this region long ago as slaves of the Enneadim Empire. The greatest light of civilization in the region is Yolin, on Pantagent Isle; such light it casts is infernal indeed, for the Ralluvim and Orichalan peoples of Yolin are slavers and pirates, allies of the Sea Kings of Rallu. The seas between the Isle of the Blest and the Ghinor Coast are replete with islands, atolls, reefs, and cays, a veritable pirate’s paradise of hidden coves and anchorages. Ships from the dozen seas of the Wilderlands meet, trade, and do battle amidst the countless isles: Viridian, Antillian, Ralluvim, Lenapashim, Crusader, Tulamite, Enneadim, Tarantine, Roglaran, Valonar, Skandik, and even Karakhan vessels ply the eastern Sea of Five Winds in search of trade and plunder.


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