Regions of the Wilderlands

The world of the Wilderlands is divided into districts, of which the large players’ map is but one. Each district contains 18 regions. Some game mechanics rely on these geographic divisions, but for the most part they’re just bookkeeping conventions. The regions of the Wilderlands district are mapped below (mouseover for links and tooltips):

Elphand LandsValonValley of the Ancients
ViridistanCity State of the Invincible OverlordTarantis
Desert LandsAltanisEbony Coast
LenapIsles of the BlestIsles of the Dawn
Sea of Five WindsGhinorSilver Skein Isles
Ament TundraGhinor HighlandsSouthern Reaches

The Wilderlands is a rough and dangerous place. Roads are few and plain, and government tends to mimic life: harsh and cruel. Most places in our Wilderlands campaign are lawless lands, either wilderness or hardscrabble villages that suffer equally under assaults from brigands and their local despot’s men. Their technology tends toward bronze-age or iron-age standards, though a few mighty city-states approach a Tech Level on par with the Renaissance. In this capricious world, many turn to various gods and spirits for salvation or consolation.

But the world was not always thus: traces of ancient civilizations linger, hinting at times of abundance and refinement. Who those people were, how they lived, and what can be salvaged from their ruins, are all questions that have tempted brave adventurers to venture where sane men fear to tread.

Regions (with sites of note)

Region Site
Valon Valon (City)
Valley of the Ancients Kingdom of the Durju
Ghinor Tula

Other Districts

In a world where few but merchant-princes and adventurers ever travel more than a few days’ walk or ride, where rumor serves in place of news, one district is more than large enough. Adventurers do get around, though, and may find themselves in other districts.

Please read these entries only if your character has reason to know about these districts.

The districts on the continent of Rhadamanthia are mapped below (mouseover for links and tooltips):

The Land of Great lakesThe Frozen LandsValonariaVanarayaThe Tempest Lands
Giant LandsThe Infinite DesertThe WilderlandsWestern KarakEastern Karak
Lesser Horned EmpireGreater Horned EmpireThe Demon EmpireThe Demon SeasThe Infinite Islands

Regions of the Wilderlands

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