Rumor Mill

Here is a ready list of potential leads, interesting tidbits, and red herrings, organized by location.

Orgolash ( Valley)

  1. Kobolds and goblins in Tarsh whisper that the Rising Times have come, that the chains of death have relaxed, and soon the scions of the dead shall walk the land.
  2. Some playwrights may be interested in writing and staging one or more plays dramatizing recent events in the Steppes.

Tula (Ghinor)

Kimenta ( Valley)

Sitoon ( Valley)

Feery’s Leap ( Valley)

  1. Scrounging the bottom of the Lake of Tears produced a small crystal, which can be partially read on the crystal-reader in Feery’s Leap. It seems to hold about a dozen “scrolls” of text of various lengths, the large headers of which are clearly legible. The scrolls may be more legible on the reader in the White Jackal’s tomb.
    • Midnight assault in Hanging Hope leaves eleven dead, hundreds wounded.
    • Decisive strike. Shipyards destroyed in Menacing Maidenhead.
    • New transit routes open. White Gardens through Trembling Vale to Smiling Vista.
    • Planar scholars debate ambassadors’ proposal today
    • Civil defense. Volunteers needed to shepherd new darts [mis-translation?]
    • Sky horse temple relocating to Unnamed Redoubt
    • Scholastic faith. New class of exchange students with Majestic Fastness.
    • Memorial dedication. Abbess’ Tears.
    • Travel restrictions extended to Faithful Rememberer area.
    • Abbot of Trembling Vale offers free transit and admission to new monastery in Smiling Vista.
    • Dancing troupe from the City of Pearls arrives next week.
    • Barnswallow demonstration tomorrow! [mis-translation?]

Sihan’s Folly ( Valley)

the Keep ( Valley)

Afield in the Steppes ( Valley)

  1. Sections of the Lake of Tears lake bed appear to be suspiciously regular, possibly the ruins of buildings. There may be some sections that are still open to exploration under the muck. Some other adventuring companies are exploring the muck at the request of the Three, though the party could certainly make faster progress.
  2. Druids and dreams speak of goblinoids stirring from the north and west, moving into the steppes in search of room to roam free from the ravages of the beasts of the deeper wilds.

Sea Rune ( City State)

  1. A few miles north of town, it appears that someone has dug a hole, a rough half-circle with a 20’ radius. There were no significant tracks around the hole. This happened in the first day or three after the Takvim new year.

Vertigo ( Entropy)

Rumor Mill

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