Feery's Leap

Session 61: Excavation, with complications

Oervind summoned a celestial dire badger to quickly dig down to the apparent level of the “energy line.” While the badger dug, the scholars discussed the situation. Suddenly, the badger broke through to (and fell into) a nest of sorts. Several red four-armed insectoid humanoids rushed out of the hole in a fury, chittering madly and waving claws and swords.

The creatures fought without hesitation, and put up a good fight for the spell-tapped party. At G√Ęshek’s insistence, they beheaded the creatures after defeating them. The party assumed it was to prevent the beasts from regenerating, but he actually wanted the heads for barter – more specifically, the plane-shifting gland in their brains. He contacted a drifter colleague, and the party split the generous reward.

On later inspection, the party discovered that the savage creatures had carved a burrow out of the earth and stone, though one without tunnels in or out. The chambers clustered around a crushed and tangled mess of rust and crystal-crusted metal, which appeared to be the end of the energy line. Almost-tangible power thrummed about a foot away from the surface of the metal ruin, and a trickle of it cascaded through the nest like sunlight in a thriving forest.


kelurian kelurian

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