Feery's Leap

Session 62: Coordination and Planning

Oervind agreed to stay at the site of the White Jackal’s tomb, to see if he could get the energy conduit opened and perhaps reconnected to the tomb. He will send updates via lesser sending as warranted.

News arrived of another adventuring party, that had gone scouting in the north. The Blades of Abandon company did a brief survey of the region around Tirnoch-Avoleth’s shrine, and confirmed the presence of an armed encampment in the cave-ridden hills several miles east of the shrine. They observed training maneuvers, formal physical conditioning “dances,” institutional rape, and human sacrifices. The leader of this camp would appear to be clad in an 8-foot-tall suit of armor, and speaks with the commanding voice of a king or master bard. The company made preliminary contact with a circle of druids in the area, but have yet to persuade the druids to take any action. Since the Blades of Abandon are reconnaissance experts, not soldiers, they returned to Feery’s Leap to share their findings.

That piqued the party’s interest enough for Gux and Oervind to teleport most of the crew and mounts to their “drop site” in the area. Aranethon, Gux, Sender, Shegger, Feordin, Edane, Manudhar, G√Ęshek, and Sefu made the journey, with horses kindly provided by the friendly folks at the Desert Lotus outpost.

As the party prepared for their excursion, and waited for Manudhar, Sender, and Shegger Gork to arrive, they discussed establishing a keep of their own. This would allow them to attract followers and assistants, and provide a bastion of stability and civilization in the wilds of the steppes. Edane insisted that any such development have ready access to navigable waters. Most of the party found the idea appealing, though many details remain to be resolved.


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