Feery's Leap

Session 63: Scouting Around the Encampment

Following reconnaissance from the Blades of Abandon, the party discovered an encampment of about two hundred humanoids, mostly humans, goblins, and hobgoblins. The encampment cradled a bend in the river in the hills, and it was surrounded by wooden palisades and short watchtowers. Far overhead, a solitary pegasus circled.

The party split up according to skills: Feordin, Sender, and Shegger Gork scouted. Manudhar meditated to commune with his deity. Aranethon, Sefu, and Edane decided to tone down their appearance and enter the encampment, posing as travelers who had heard about the settlement. Gux and Gâshek flew around the settlement invisible, noting places of interest. They identified armories, training grounds for ranged and mêlée combat, food stores, an infirmary, and two special huts that were obviously for power figures.

Most interesting, though, was a permanently-gloomy patch near the middle of the settlement. The grass was stunted from regular traffic, but the ground was otherwise unmolested. It didn’t take someone with Gâshek’s travel experience to identify a place where the barriers between worlds drew thin. But to what end?


kelurian kelurian

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