Feery's Leap

Session 65: Confronting the Oracle

The party gathered near the Oracle’s hut. Gux, Feordin, Sender (and dog), Shegger (and badger), and Gâshek were all invisible and flying. Edane knocked on the ramshackle wooden door, a man’s voice spoke up from inside, and she eventually enticed him to open the door.

The man, the Oracle, was naked from the waist down. He was surrounded by naked human youths, ages varying between four and fourteen. The fourteen-year-old, a girl, was visibly pregnant. A small child was bound to beams on the wall, hooded and gagged, with strange symbols scratched or painted all over his bruised body.

The Oracle and his charges claimed that Edane was trespassing, and had to leave. The child, they insisted, was their newest initiate. They were just breaking the shackles that bound his soul to misery.

Edane refused to leave, and stepped into the hut. Chaos ensued. Some of the children tried to grapple her, and the pregnant girl tried to shield the Oracle as the half-elf and her (visible) friends moved in. Shegger and Feordin concentrated on any guards and residents that might notice, while the others clamored to enter the hut or get good sight lines. Sefu slipped inside and dimension swapped with Gâshek, who then used his own power to blink back outside with the child in tow.

The party managed to subdue the children and slay the Oracle (and a bystander and two guards). They then grabbed the child and Oracle-corpse, and flew away to their awaiting horses.


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