Feery's Leap

Session 92

Almost tomb much to handle

24th Dearth, 5060

Making a weary retreat from the battle scene, the party made camp in the room where they’d meditated an hour before. They posted guards and expected trouble, but had about 12 hours to fully recover. Sensing trouble ahead, they prayed to Drumarch Saleleh. He answered their prayer, and came to provide restoration magic. Moments after his arrival, they were disturbed by the sound of a figure walking down the hall toward their camp.

The figure announced herself as a priestess of “Her Dreaded Benevolence,” the god who claimed this ruin. The priestess requested that the party surrender to her goddess and serve or be destroyed. Needless to say, the adventurers chose option 3: mortal combat.

The priestess was eager to make Drumarch a sacrifice to her goddess, and he would have fought beside them, but the party insisted that he retreat to safety.

The priestess seemed groggy, and her attempts at parley/ conversion were feeble. By the time the monk from the last battle came to her side, it was clear that the party would not be persuaded. Sender cast a dimension door to position himself better for a battle, and then melee ensued.

Sender petrified the monk (much like last time), but the priestess proved harder to fight. She managed to fell Oervind quickly, followed by Shegger Gork and Savannah, forcing Indigo Promise to make hard choices between saving fallen allies and helping to end combat swiftly. When the priestess retreated, the pegasus pulled back to tend to the wounded and restore the dead. Edane and Sender finished off the priestess and destroyed her reinforcements, but at great cost.

It drained him, but Indigo Promise restored the party to full health. They explored the rest of the complex, where they found (mostly empty) sarcophagi, more traps, an almost-dead Neamuan prisoner, and a major shrine to Nouliss-Hakkari. As the party started executing the helpless vampires in their crypts, Drumarch came back with a plan: he would destroy the shrine and divert the goddess so the party could escape. What could go wrong?

The adventurers accepted his proposal. As the weary band prepared to leave the temple, Drumarch sensed a surge of unholy energy, and had just enough time to warn the party as a newly-invigorated priestess attacked the party. The last they saw of Drumarch, he and a many-armed blue woman were slipping through the planar membrane to points unknown, leaving the ragged band to fight the high priestess once again.

Struggling to defeat the priestess in their weakened state, party members started falling – and Indigo Promise found his power reserves running dry. In a last-ditch effort, he made a desperate plea to his god for intervention. The god responded with a dramatic earthquake that brought down the temple around them, and released an underground river to run through it. Oervind just managed to dimension door to the surface, and as soon as they saw the vampire priestess destroyed by running water, Indigo Promise flew Edane to safety amidst the falling debris.


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