Feery's Leap

Company Charter: The Windless Ring

The Council of Sitoon hereby recognizes the Windless Ring as a Company of Adventurers for the commonweal of the Kingdom of Durju and the Upper Reaches. The members of this Company, by making their mark below, swear to protect the men, chattel, and lands of the commonweal from banditry, wrath, and indecency. The Company pledges a tithe of its earnings and findings to the Council on behalf of the commonweal, at least annually, a sum no less than the equivalent of one stone (twenty pounds) of pure gold.

The Company makes the following vows of service to the commonweal:

  • The Company, as representatives of the Kingdom and the commonweal, shall hold itself to high standards of conduct, and shall not steal or defile the property, wives, or other chattel of upright men, nor profane holy places, nor allow such activities to go unpunished.
  • The truly needy shall not be turned away. Should the Company be unable to affect aid, it shall enjoin further assistance from others.
  • Should another chartered Company request aid, the Company shall bolster their coevals to the extent of their ability, for kingdom and commonweal.
  • The Company makes the following vows of service to the Council of Sitoon: Should the Council or its deputees make an explicit request of the Company, it shall comply to the full extent of its ability.
  • The Company further swears the following oaths to its members:
    • The bodies of fallen companions shall not be left unburied or unhallowed, unless the proper disposition of such remains would guarantee the demise of the rest of the Company.
    • The members of the Company shall not bear false witness to one another.

The Council of Sitoon shall review this Charter annually on the day of the new moon after Highsummer each year, and all parties shall have the opportunity to amend the charter as needed.


Gux Milanber Roldembrix
Feordin Rogulssen, skald-ka
Feranialouess Mac’tarini sa’Kka
Sefu, Gemani field guide
Seth-Durrash, Hithgek field guide
Edane Sildoah of Tula


Altal Feers, Scrivener of Sitoon


Avoreen, Councilor of Sitoon
Hoan Gristlebeard, Councilor of Sitoon


kelurian kelurian

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