Drumarch Saleleh

God-King of the Durju


Drumarch is from a noble family of Kimenta, the Durju capitol. When a powerful necromancer (favored of Jithra) came from the north looking for the source of the undead plague in the Steppes, the old god-king lost power and was slain. Drumarch was one of the many refugees from the city. He crossed paths with the Windless Ring and worked with them to flush the necromancer from the city. Once the necromancer was gone, the Durju gods chose to invest Drumarch as the new king.

As long as Drumarch keeps the gods’ favor, he rules as the living embodiment of the kingdom. The power the pantheon invests in him allows him to see far and wide, and to protect the loose confederation of settlements scattered along the coastal lowlands from Shalay to Kitial. The gods can do little more than keep the cultural integrity and assure the (approximate) survival of the Durju people, but they nurse the dream of a mighty Durju nation rising again.

Drumarch is humble for an aristocrat, more comfortable settling minor disputes among his subjects than engaging in politics. With his natural charm and a bit of luck, he may last long enough to become a good king.

Drumarch Saleleh

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