Skandik wit


Contacts (every 2 skald levels, every 5 ranger levels)
1 – Influence: Brikka, wife of the main horse trader in Sitoon
2 – Information: Seven Keeler, merchant in Sitoon
3 – Skill: Ilyesh Nabinov “Mudg”, captain of the Iron Wyvern, merchant-escort ship



What names do you go by (among friends, among family, on formal occasions, on legal documents)?

friends: Feordin

Family: Skald-ka. Wanderer/singer. Used to avoid confusion, Feordin is a common name in his village.

Feordin doesn’t do formal very well.

How old are you, and how long have you led an “adult” life?

28. Been wandering for 12 years.

Where did you grow up, and what was your upbringing like? Have you kept in touch with your family?

Near Castle Thrinaki (hex 3723 map2) outside Malikarr. My father is a farmer last time I checked, and was as I grew up. I have 2 brothers, 4 sisters. Our birth order is: Georde, Feordin, Dolin, Rivek, Laonna, Flina (dead), and Rhonna. We had a typical Skandik life. Weekly sacrafices, games and stories at night, hard work during the day. There was a strong Skandik community there, so many of the tales I tell came from the elders in the longhouse. I have no regrets or resentment reguarding my childhood. I haven’t seen my family in 8 years and I miss them greatly.

Have you considered starting a family of your own?

Not here. If I did, It would be back at Thrinaki.

Would your parents be proud of you if they could see you now?

I would like to think so, skandiks highly reguard their Skalds as wisemen. “One cannot become wise without wandering” my grand mother once said.

Do you own property (land, buildings, slaves, businesses)?

I have little of my own, just what I can carry. I do hold claim to a 7th of my fathers holdings, meager as they are.

What oaths have you sworn, and how sacred are they to you?

Gux and I have made an Odarin,or rune oath. This means that above all else (except honor or family) we protect one another. I take this VERY seriously.

What was the scariest moment in your life? The most joyous? The angriest?

Scariest: the day I left home

Joyous: the day I left home. (the difference is a choice)

Angriest: The day my sister was slain by a castle guard who thought he could use her. She fought back as she was taught so he opened her head with a chair leg . . . I would like to find that man . . .

When did you first take a life? How did you feel about it?

My first deer was satifying. I have been taught to kill only when needed, and we were hungry. Oh! You meant people! well, it was much the same, except I was defending my family against raiders from the sea, not hungry . . .

How do you feel about settled folk (ordinary townspeople)?

Who would I tell my tales if not settled folk? In fact, I hold them in high reguard for there inns and hostels.

How do you feel about different kinds of folk (men, women, various races/ species . . .)?

The world is full of wonder and wild. Are we all created equal? Perhaps. Is any of this truly important to the sky and earth? Perhaps not. Stories are told of all sorts, as was intended.

Where would you like to be in 10 years, and what would you like to have accomplished?

In ten years I hope to have fillled my head with enough eddas to lead me home to add them to the lore of the clan.

How do you feel about looting corpses? Or stealing from enemies, strangers, allies, lovers . . .?

Is the corpse still using the object in question? I thought not. . . I find that theft is often a matter of perspective.

What is sacred to you? What is evil?

Family, honor, and wisdom. All things good stem from that. Evil is tyrany, opression, and malace.

What do you do to curry the favor of your god(s)? How active a role do they (seem to) take in your life?

I heed all of the traditional sacrifices and observances of Odin and his kin.

When you die, what would you like done to your body

burnt at sea in a straw long boat.


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