dour ice wizard


Contacts (every 5 wizard or elemental savant levels)
1 – Information: Altal Feers, scrivener in Sitoon
2 – Information: Serkan Zush, appraiser and watchful eye in Sitoon (knows what is available where, and who has good prices in Sitoon and in Kimenta, Gathran, and Shalay)


Character Questionnaire

What names do you go by (among friends, among family, on formal occasions, on legal documents)?

Gux Milamber Roldembrix

How old are you, and how long have you led an “adult” life?

31 it seems I have been expected to be an adult my whole life.

Where did you grow up, and what was your upbringing like?

Raised a noble in Malikarr. With all of the opportunities/trappings of noble life.

Have you kept in touch with your family? Have you considered starting a family of your own?

Ah, no, I can’t imagine my family and Liege would appreciate my correspondence.

Would your parents be proud of you if they could see you now?


Do you own property (land, buildings, slaves, businesses)?

Only what I can carry. This is a tenant of my oath with Feordin.

What oaths have you sworn, and how sacred are they to you?

I have a skandik Ordin with Feordin, I consider this a source of pride.

What was the scariest moment in your life? The most joyous? The angriest?

I don’t know that I have experienced fear. I was elated when I left the keep, profound rage made me leave.

What made you leave your home?

I witnessed my father compromise his morality for financal and political gain. I will not be put in that position.

When did you first take a life? How did you feel about it?

I have only done so with spells and under honorable circumstances. It felt powerful yet dangerous.

How do you feel about settled folk (ordinary townspeople)?

They are the reason nobles exist. They are to be protected and nurtured.

How do you feel about different kinds of folk (men, women, various races/ species…)?

There are only two things I cannot abide, racial intolerance …….and antillians.

Where would you like to be in 10 years, and what would you like to have accomplished?

My only wish is to remain unbound. I would like to master spells of the 9th circle by then.

How do you feel about looting corpses? Or stealing from enemies, strangers, allies, lovers…?

Resources are wasted on the dead. Like Feordin, I believe ownership is largely a matter of perspective.

What is sacred to you? What is evil?

Knowledge, loyalty. Causing the innocent to suffer.

What do you do to curry the favor of your god(s)? How active a role do they (seem to) take in your life?


When you die, what would you like done to your body?

It matters not, I am dead.


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