Neamuan acrobat


Mac’Ka was one of the founding members of the Windless Ring. She came from a Neamuan performance troupe. When her sister became pregnant, a few of her family members stayed in Sitoon with her until the kits were old enough to travel. Mac’Ka stayed with her sister Shyana (a dancer) and Shyana’s husband Malou (a singer/ musician).

Unlike her more demonstrative sister and her husband, Mac’Ka valued action over deeds, doing over seeming. She often let the other members of the party come to a consensus, while she considered how best to accomplish what the party needed done.

She was hard-working, occasionally hard-playing, and kept her thoughts and feelings very close to her chest. When the party found a strange fragmentary “presence” unleashed by a recent excavation, Mac’Ka made brief contact with the presence. A few days afterward, Mac’Ka and her wagon disappeared from Feery’s Leap, never to be seen again.

So far, no divination has turned up any leads.


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