Edane's Cohort


0.2 contact points per level of wizard or loremaster
wiz 7/ loremaster 3 = 2

1 – Information: Shadeus A’Drakari, janni slave to the Pasha of Dreamless Seas, Isle of Ten Thousand Sails, Western Karak
2 – Influence: Heigel Grieselspregger, Receptionist-general in the Hall of Arrivals, Tula

Additional People of Interest

Kadri Efrigul, wizard of the School of Memory in Tula, currently in Feery’s Leap with his Communist wife, Endzela Thiessen

Nervill Grayzer Hawke, wizard-sage of Orgolash, graduate of Greeling College

Harikan Görik, Sun’s Teeming Brilliance, professor of summoning in Tula, Oervind’s wizarding mentor

Sideriel Wanderlight, Voice of the Everwood Ash, memory-keeper in the Elsenwood



Oervind was raised among the gray elf princes of the Elsenwood. The Aelsinar pay great attention to their incarnations, and the grey princes have watched their numbers dwindle for thousands of years. A few of them have made it their lives-long quest to understand and combat this dwindling, so the wisdom and stewardship of the elves (especially the grays) does not vanish from the world. Oervind is one of these brave few, pursuing magical knowledge and planar understanding in hopes of someday adding to his people’s knowledge of the path the soul and the collective fate of elvenkind.

He went to Tula to study conjuration, and became only the third gray elf to graduate from the Chromatic Colleges. He continued his studies in Tula until he overheard one of his college friends heading off on an interesting-sounding journey (to Feery’s Leap); he wheedled his way into his friend’s research team, and then joined the Windless Ring.

Unlike most of his people, Oervind does not like spending much time alone. If he doesn’t have someone to explain his thoughts to, or some opportunity to demonstrate his competence, he gets fidgety (for an elf). Every day that passes is a missed opportunity to learn and discover, to deepen his understanding and spread what he’s learned. Oervind feels the press of the wheel of time much more than most elves, knowing in his bones that the rich and vital spirit of his people is fading, and it is up to him to do something about it.


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