Silver Serpent

intellectually ravenous vampire researcher


Pale and gaunt, this emaciated common Orichalan scholar is clearly no longer among the living. He dresses like a clerk. While he has a belt of vials and instruments, he is no combatant. He speaks in slow, measured tones, barely above a whisper.


This is the sage who was the previous owner of Alacrity Keep. Oervind keeps his sigil in his spellbook.

The Silver Serpent is a researcher, not a hunter. He analyzes, experiments, and scrutinizes for his (presumably vampiric) master. He is measured and careful, and negotiated a surrender when he saw that the party had overrun their defenses. He claimed that he was researching ancient history at his master’s command, and hinted at the possibility of future cooperation.

When Edane discovered some of his research notes apparently left behind in error, she contacted him to return the goods and thus procure a minor favor for the future.

Silver Serpent

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