The Keep


The keep is made of local stone, with glass windows, arrow slits, and vaulted ceilings. It features a strange pattern of stairways in the towers. The previous owners indicated that they fabricated it with a ritual their “patron” designed.

The keep sits atop a hill along the river, and they build a stone bridge across the river at its nearest point (10’ clearance). The keep has no moat, barbican, or other visible defense mechanisms.

The interior is sparse, with stone furniture (possibly petrified wood), leather cushions, and leather curtains with bone rods. There are curtains across all the embrasures and arrow slits, and an alchemical treatment on the windows renders all light sources shadowy and harmless. The central courtyard has a largely-intact geometric tile pattern on a gravel base. Several coffins had been interred in the gravel, but the previous inhabitants dug up the coffins prior to departure.


The rooms on the first floor were used for (clockwise from top):

  • Food prep
  • Mess hall
  • Lounge
  • Lounge
  • Foyer (with inscription in the middle of the floor for teleport clearance)
  • Binding room (celestial, abyssal, and infernal binding circles inscribed in the floor)
  • Storage
  • Armory


The rooms on the second floor were used for (clockwise from top):

  • Sergeant’s quarters (leader of the minions)
  • Jade Raven’s personal quarters
  • Alchemical lab
  • Library (lattice to hold scrolls on all walls)
  • Silver Serpent’s quarters
  • Minions’ room
  • Minions’ room
  • Minions’ room

(4x) Level 2 Wand of Scorching Ray
(5x) Level 3 Potions [of lvl 3 spell?]

The Keep

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