alchemical items


Alchemical items are special materials that are created through magical or alchemical processes. Adventurers are most familiar with a few of these: acids, alchemist’s fire, antitoxin, smokesticks, sunrods, tanglefoot bags, thunderstones, and tindertwigs. Such items are the product of the Craft (alchemy) skill.

Other alchemical items include: invisible items (caltrops, rope, wire), flash rocks, stink eggs, and veils of sweet scent. Alchemical dyes and perfumes occasionally appear in adventurers’ haversacks as well.

Those who delve into the arts of alchemy also learn how to create not only alchemical items, but they learn the value of alchemical processes. Like fabric doused in an alchemical dye, the enchantment lies in the process, not the product. Most alchemical processes can be specifically designed to make non-magical finished products. Even though magic is involved in their manufacture, there is no effect to suppress or remove. Dwarves have a particular penchant for alchemical processes with non-magical results – their bridges often feature alchemical welds, alloys, and resins that make them stronger than conventional construction but immune to magic-dampening effects (and time’s corrosive effects on magic).

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alchemical procedures? (invisibility, appearance, smell, touch, color, taste, element-proofing…)

alchemical items

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