The plane of entropy offers immortality of a sort, though the cost is steep. Those who spend enough time (or suffer frequent dramatic incidents) in the plane of entropy become bound to the plane as drifters, cursed to subsist on a diet of memories to replace what the plane scours from them.

As an outsider, a drifter can store essence by ingesting planar sand, memory pearls, or memory lotuses (coupled with a successful Knowledge (planar) check). The creature must consume memories to survive (at least 5 minutes of memory per day, a normal-sized pearl), or suffers the effects of starvation.

The long-term effects of this diet of memories is the phenomenon of drift: over time, the drifter’s appearance and personality shift as memories erode and are replaced by new ones. This manifests as the drifter appearing as a composite of superimposed images, and the drifter’s speech and mannerisms are also subject to change as they absorb new memories. Occasionally, this effect may allow a drifter to qualify as a member of a different race for purposes of item restrictions, feat prerequisites, and similar limitations. Particularly old drifters may change so much through the passage of centuries as to be unrecognizable to their former associates – though they are just as unlikely to recognize their erstwhile colleagues.


“Drifter” is an acquired template through exposure to the falling-down place (more specifically, loss of memory and substance while in that plane).

Any intelligent being can acquire this template. The creature’s type changes to outsider (native to the plane of entropy), and it acquires the drifter subtype.

All outsiders require essence for their continued survival. For drifters, this takes the form of memories. Expending essence each day consumes memories, and new ones must be procured. Drifters can extract a pearl of memory (5 minutes worth) as a touch attack, though the memory retrieved is chosen at random. With prolonged contact, the drifter may browse the subject’s memories more freely, and extract specific morsels for trade or consumption. Drifters can also eat planar sand, and the coalesced essence that scatters from other outsiders when they take damage in the plane of entropy. Upon consuming a possibly essence-yielding material, the drifter must make a Knowledge (planar) check to assimilate the material (DC 25 for sand, 20 for essence gems and other exotic sources, 15 for memory pearls, 10 for lotuses).

The creature gains Knowledge (the planes) and Knowledge (planar) as class skills. The creature may make untrained Spot checks to detect planar disturbances, thinning, and breaches from Long range (400 ft. + 40 ft. per level).

The creature gains an eidetic memory, elasticity (per the ectoplasmic form power), a +2 to Climb checks, and the ability to change its weight from that of a feather to double its natural weight (including anything worn or carried, up to a heavy load).

The creature may plane shift as a supernatural ability once per day to travel to the falling-down place. If it has more than 8 HD or character levels, it may also manifest plane shift as a psi-like ability once per day to leave the falling-down place.

Without protection, the creature cannot survive on any other plane; outside the falling-down place, after [CON bonus] turns the creature suffers CON drain at 1 point per turn, evaporating into planar dust and memories and slipping back to the falling-down place if its CON reaches 0. Creatures without a CON score substitute CHA.

The creature’s ECL and CR increase by 1 upon acquiring this template.


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