Eastern Karak


Excerpt from the World of the Wilderlands

Though this is the heartland of the Kingdom of Karak, only the northern section of this land and the western coast of the peninsula falls under their rule, the southern peninsula being pure wilderness ruled by Amazons, trolls, and monsters. In the north, along the River of Ash, stands Kaijing, the ancient capital of the kingdom, and the largest city of Men on the continent, said to be home to more than a million souls. The great valley between the Hoargold Mountains of the dwarves and the elf-haunted Misty Forests is the heartland of Karakhan civilization in the east. The great Karakhan Sea separates the Telanghata Peninsula from its sister, the Hongdhulu Peninsula in the east. Save for the islands at the southern tip, where the waters meets the Ethereal Ocean, the sea is a veritable Karakhan lake. Only the savage humanoid cannibals of the southern islands seek to challenge Karakhan dominance with their giant primitive canoes.

The inland and eastern regions of the Hongdhulu, though, are free of Karakhan dominion east of Chanchenkian, the Great Wall Road, a 500-mile long wall atop which is a road across which eight horses may ride abreast. In the north the wall challenges the Kokkinos tribes, a savage Amazon nomad people who rule the eastern plains. Along the eastern coast stand numerous independent and warring city states, descended from far-wandering Orichalans who fled the fall of the Dragon Empire millennia ago. The Dragonbone Mountains, a long spur of giant peaks running southeast from the Hoargold Mountains, are home to many minor tribes of savage humans and dwarves, dominated by the local dragons. Finally, the southern region of the peninsula is the home of the Alamgrak Troll Lords, perhaps the last great realm of the ancient race on the Rhadamanthian continent.

Eastern Karak

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