Kingdom of Karak


The Kingdom of Karak straddles two map regions. Unlike the Wilderlands proper, it has relatively coherent threads of history going back to ancient times. Bards still sing the sagas of the horse-lords Nirupavinash, Prabhamukta, and Sanjitishwara against the Naga Kings before the fall of Kelnore.

The vast lands of Eastern and Western Karak host many races and peoples, but the Kingdom of Karak itself is built on a synthesis of horse-riding nomads from the north with sorcerous urbanites from the south. Genies and genie-blooded dominate the upper classes of their cities.

The Karakhan powers in general have little interest in the Wilderlands proper, more concerned with affairs closer to home. The sorcerer-kings and genie princes love trade, but prefer their subjects to spend the bulk of their wealth (and curry favor) in their own realms.

The Karakhan language is a strange thing, made of complex picture-symbols like the classical script of Ghinor, but stylized into dense blocks and often painted onto wood panels, silk, and paper. The symbols themselves give no decent hint to pronunciation (or even, for the most part, to meaning). In fact, many different languages spoken in the Kingdom of Karak and its neighboring lands all use the same strange script for their diverse tongues. Scholars will sometimes see a second script written in tiny letters beside the symbols: a pronunciation guide (called Ruby Script).

Kingdom of Karak

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