Lesser Horned Empire


Excerpt from the World of the Wilderlands

This region possesses the most pleasant climate of all the demon-held lands, as the currents from the Rhadamanthys Ocean and associated wind currents bring the most rain to this region of the three. Verdant fields and plains dot the landscape between the rugged, dry hills west of the Volcanic Peaks, the central highlands dominated by the vast, stinking Sulfur Swamps surrounding the Lake of Fallen Angels. The northern regions are home to independent tribes and cities of demons and demonbrood, including the Courts of Chaos along the coast and the Demonbrood Amazons of the plains along the Scorpion Scarp. Many cities hold demi-giant slaves, used as gladiators in the arena and as slave warriors in their many wars. War rages unceasingly around, in, and under the Great Fuming Crater, wherein is found the greatest concentration of magicum in the western lands. High in the Volcanic Peaks stands Dark Blood Lake, under which is said to sleep either a great Baalwraith prince or a dreaming Markab youngling, tended by thousands of eldritch creatures of chaos and evil.

The lands south of the City of Quartz in the west and the Great Slave Pit in the east are the domain of the Lesser Horned Empire (though none there dare say it is the “lesser” of the empires, lest he seeks long, screaming, and torturous death). The Demonsong Lowlands of the southwest are the most fertile fields of the Empire, worked by countless slaves from this world and others. Ruled from the Ironbound City of Shackles, the demons of the Lesser Horned Empire follow the Court of Arioch, as opposed to the Greater Horned Empire and their Court of Lucifer or the [Chaotic Horned Empire]] which has forsaken worship of devils and Demon Gods and turned to the worship of various other gods of Chaos. A counter-counter revolutionary group hides out in the Infernal Pit high in the Markab Peaks, continuing in the traditions of the Court of Lucifer but separate and distinct from the bureaucracy of the Greater Horned Empire. Similarly, the Great Demon Prince Kraw still seeks to undo the rule of the devil-worshipping brethren from the mighty Temple of Chaos on the verge of the Sulfur Swamps. The greatest thorns in the side of the Ironbound Emperor, though, are the rebel slave kingdoms of the Blessed Chain Islands, across the Straits of Salvation from the Demonsong Lowlands. These rebels are protected from the demonic navy as the waters around the islands are continually blessed by foreign gods of good and weal, and so the rebel slaves have a safe base from which to operate. Fortunately for the demon emperor, each of the seven kingdoms is dedicated to a different god, and these gods and their followers have nearly as many differences with each other as with the demons!

Lesser Horned Empire

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