The Demon Seas


Excerpt from the World of the Wilderlands

The Ethereal Ocean passes through the Searing Sea from the south to make its way around the shores of Overdark Island, the largest and most storied isle of Rhadamanthia. Once in an age when today’s myths were not even dreams, this was an island of faerie beauty, where fey, elves, dwarves, and other goodly folk lived in peace and harmony. Then came the Markabs, who transformed the paradise on earth into a demonic playground. Here were spawned many of the Demonbrood races, and here today they still live, amongst the twisted descendants of the fey, elves, and dwarves who once ruled. Here too, once upon a time, when the race of Man was at its height and full of its own power during the Age of Philosophers, they sought to reclaim the island from its dark inhabitants — their great armies and glittering silver ships that sailed through the air were crushed with dark, demonic magics, though the conflagration that followed destroyed the power of the Demonbrood, and today the isle is a wild, haunted place of ruins and savage tribes. A paroxysm of conquest from the Demon Empire lighted on these shores millennia ago, and their cities still stand, interspersed with the savage tribes and terrible ruins.

The numerous island chains north of Overdark Island are a continuation of the Infinite Islands to the east (see below). Like the 10,000 Islands, these isles are home to lost civilizations and remnant empires; most, however, are more recent in origin and far more vibrant. Most are Karakhan, demonic, Orichalan, or Ghinorian in origin, though there are a few notable native kingdoms, always seeking to repel the invaders from the rocky shores of the islands they claim from time immemorial. All the island kingdoms vie with the sahuagin, merfolk, and locathah of the deep waters.

The Demon Seas

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