The Frozen Lands


Excerpt from the World of the Wilderlands

The Frozen Lands are a continuation of the least-pleasant and coldest aspects of the Great Lakes region. It is the heartland of the civilization of the Ice Priestesses, with five major settlements in the far north, two along the shores of the Frigid Ocean, which is iced over nine months of the year.

These hoary eldritch harridans are served by winter wolves, yeti, and white dragons, and fear only the wild remorhaz and freedom-loving frost giants of the untamed tundra and glaciers. South of the kingdoms of the Ice Priestesses are lands roamed by megafauna and monstrous beasts; dinosaurs are not uncommon in the region around the Great Hot Springs Lake, at the center of a warm zone of forests and swamps created by countless hot springs, all surrounded by fumarole-ridden hills, volcanic cones, and lava fields. In the far south, in the lands below the great escarpment, a savage semblance of civilization can be found upon the Sea of Grass and in the Land of Beasts, where Amazon, Tharbrian, and nomad tribes of a dozen other nations crisscross the lands following vast herds while seeking to avoid saber-toothed beasts and saurian raptors alike. Only in the northeast, in the foothills of the Mammoth Mountains, is any true civilization found, and that the harsh and unforgiving society of the Alvar, the Blue Elves of Valonaria, which are extending their domain west, showing no mercy to beast or Ice Priestess alike.

The Frozen Lands

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