The Infinite Islands


Excerpt from the World of the Wilderlands

The Infinite Islands are a stronghold of the dragons and the fey, though upon the countless islands cultures, races, and species of all sorts can be found. Here can be found the flotsam and jetsam of the realms bordering the waters around and within Rhadamanthia. The islands, in the rough seas on the border between the Tempest Ocean to the east and the Ethereal Ocean to the south and west, usually end up being the last refuge for fallen empires and faded races; many creatures and cultures found here are no longer found anywhere else in the world, and each island is a veritable time-warp into the history of Rhadamanthia (and other continents beyond the boundless ocean). Each of the isles — the largest being small even as compared to the Isle of the Blest — is a realm unto itself, though the realms of some races whose vigor has not completely faltered can span several islands, or even an entire small chain. And of course, every kingdom’s navy is another kingdom’s pirate fleet…

With their penchant for applying rounded numbers, the Karakhans have dubbed this region the “Sea of 10,000 Islands,” which is probably even a little short on the count. Each of these thousands of island has its own people and history, and herein it is impossible to even list the most prominent of the micro-states, there being several hundred of equal potency. The most important groups of the Infinite Islands, however, are the various wandering merchant clans and companies that all meet at Fairtrade Isle, one of the larger islands near the center of the district, where all creatures are welcome to trade in peace. Here demons rub elbows with giants, Orichalan Dragon Lords, dragons, Karakhans, Nguak, far-wandering Skandiks, exiled Ghinorians, fairies, and many other less common races.

The Infinite Islands

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