Humanoid (human)

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While humans are the most populous intelligent species, they have developed into several distinct races. In many areas, “mixed” human populations predominate, but in others the human populations have diverged into distinctive sub-races. Humans, unless otherwise stated, are presumed to be of mixed stock, following all the rules of standard humans in the PHB.


(City State, Warwick, Modron)
This is the name applied to the city folk of the large cities of the northern Wilderlands, such as the City State of the Invincible Overlord, Warwik and Modron. They are in fact a mix of Tharbrian and Altanian blood, but they consider themselves “civilized.” Most Alryans have disdain for the “uncivilized” barbarian Altanians to the south, and would be appalled if they knew of their actual close kinship. Wise city dwellers, Alryans have keen eyesight and are sensitive to the body language of many races. They consider a highly developed sense of humor is the prerequisite to civilized conduct.

Description: Skin color ranging from fair to olive to reddish skin (due to the Altanian influence), brown hair, brown eyes, 5 ft. 8 in., 170 lbs, average build, typically Neutral.
Alryans show a great diversity in names, though they tend to stick to a predictable template. Commoners use a given name, and often include a family name (inherited from the father). Nobles use their titles in place of their family names (Ilyesh, Baron Mordrev), but they may simply use the title (Baron Mordrev). When honorifics or kennings are used, they almost always replace the family name (Muriyl Far-Seer). For women, family names ending in -ik or -itch change to -ika; most other family names add -a or -ya.

Male Names: Ilyesh, Malkhov, Serif, Akhonoum, Aryanesh
Female Names: Milya, Muriyl, Szifina, Nadriya, Llukova
Family Names: Maikhonov, Sbituvik, Naibolov, Mauritnikov, Sobol

Racial Traits: As per the PHB for Humans, with the following additions:

  • Skills: +1 racial bonus to Spot checks. Sense Motive and Diplomacy are class skills regardless of class.
  • Disdain Altanians: Default “unfriendly” attitude towards Altanians. Altanians suffer a +2 racial modifier to the DC of any social- or Charisma-based skills they attempt against you due to your natural dislike of them (but not including magical effects)
    Favored Class: Any, except Barbarian


(Ament, Sea Rune, Ghinor, Rallu)
Known in the northern lands as “Shield-Maidens” due to their disdain for armor other than shields, the Amazons are a race of humanoids dominated by the female. They are said to have originated in the Ament Lands, far to the south, and over millennia migrated, pillaged, and battled their way north. In the north, Amazons can be found in their castle near Sea Rune on the Pagan coast north of Ossary.

They can also be found in the southern lands in and around the city of Rallu and near Ghinor and the Ament Tundra. Mercenary Amazons can be found in nearly every fighting force in the Wilderlands. Friendly with most forest dwelling races, they often unite to protect an area endangered by woodsmen or some natural calamity. Amazons frequently have trained animal companions. The Amazons near Sea Rune are rumored to use trained lions as pets. Highly dexterous and very well toned, they are noted for preferring little or no armor in combat. In grouped combat, they fight in unison as if telepathically linked with their sisters. They often anticipate the tactics of opponents.

Amazons take their captives as slaves, though only the female slaves are put to work. Male slaves (including male Amazons) are used solely for reproductive purposes and sport. Pure lineage Amazon males are often traded between queens of different tribes. Male Amazons are not pampered as are the female concubines of other races, they are instead expected to maintain themselves in top athletic condition, though not to learn the ways of war.

Description: Fair to light brown skin, blonde or red hair, green eyes, 5 ft. 6 in., 110 lbs., lithe to voluptuous build, typically Lawful Neutral.

Amazons use given names and matronymics (ai before the mother’s name). Women embellish these names with kennings and honorifics.
Male Names: Lerato, Thulani, Masego
Female Names: Dikeledi, Lesedi, Kefilwe, Itumeleng, Refilwe, Sethunya, Unathi

Racial Traits: As per the PHB for Human, plus

  • Attributes: +2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma
  • Skills: Handle Animal and Survival are class skills
  • Monstrous Humanoid: While conventional wisdom considers Amazons to be human, a strange taint marks their ancestry. Amazons count as humanoid or monstrous humanoid, depending on which would produce a more favorable result.
  • Armor Aversion: Due to their disdain for armor, Amazons do not normally gain Armor Proficiency feats as a result of their starting class. If their starting class would ordinarily grant them the Heavy Armor Proficiency feat (fighter, paladin, cleric, amazon warrior), then the Amazon gains the Light Armor Proficiency feat (and no other). If their starting class does not grant the Heavy Armor Proficiency feat, then they do not gain any Armor Proficiency feat despite what the class may ordinarily provide. Amazons may, however, select Armor Proficiency feats as they would other feats both at character creation or when a feat is gained due to level advancement. Amazons are automatically proficient with all types of shields.
  • Combat Precognition (Su): All Amazons wearing no armor or Amazon Armor (see that class) gain the Supernatural psionic ability of combat precognition, giving them a +1 psionic bonus to AC. This bonus does not apply if the character is flat footed, has lost her Dexterity bonus or is unconscious.
  • Gender Interaction: Default “unfriendly” attitude towards males of all races, unless you yourself are male. Males suffer a +2 racial modifier to the DC of any social- or Charisma-based skills they attempt against you due to your natural dislike of them (but not including magical effects) unless you yourself are male.
  • Favored Class: Amazon warrior or druid. Despite their innate psionic abilities, Amazons are rarely psions or psychic warriors.


Antillians, centered on the city of Antil, are a further admixture of Alryan with more Orichalan, Tharbrian, elven, and (now extinct) Antili blood. Where Alryans are wise and wryly humorous, Antillians are cunning and disarmingly vicious. Antillians are terrifying merchants, willing and able to swindle at the drop of a copper; they are also a proud people, and they have taken the tradition of vendetta to hitherto unknown heights. Antillians are graceful, with very lithe features and slightly pointed ears, though to mistake one for a half-elf is to ask for a duel. Antillians wear rich, colorful clothing, the more ostentatious the better, and prefer light, quick weapons, such as rapiers and stilettos. Antillians consider women to be chattel, to be used to further political and mercantile relationships. Antillians are notorious slavers, considering other races destined only for servitude. They despise Amazons, and believe them to be fit only for concubinage.

Description: Swarthy olive skin, black hair, brown eyes, 5 ft. 6 in., 150 lbs, light build, typically Neutral Evil.

Antillians use given names, patronymics (beni for men, bani for women), and family names. If the father is unknown, they use matronymics (bint or banit) with the mother’s family name.
Clan Names: Koppel, Margalit, Kashor, Maitanek, Orah, Sigal
Male Names: Anshel, Dekel, Eitan, Gavril, Keshet, Lior, Teivel
Female Names: Akhava, Basya, Dara, Dalit, Sarit

Racial Traits: As per the PHB, with the following additions or substitutions:

  • Skills: Bluff is always a class skill regardless of class
  • Weapon Proficiency: Antillians receive the Simple Weapons Proficiency feat for the dagger and the Martial Weapons Proficiency feat for rapier as bonus feats.
  • Gender Bias: Default “unfriendly” attitude towards females of all races, unless you yourself are female. Females suffer a +2 racial modifier to the DC of any social- or Charisma-based skills they attempt against you due to your natural dislike of them (but not including magical effects) unless you yourself are female
  • Favored Class: Rogue

Avalonian, Common

Many of the common humans in the city of Valon share some lineage with their more pure blooded nobles, as well as their affinity for the sea and ice. Common Avalonians are expert craftsmen, sailors and shipwrights. Most common occupants of Valon either take the Cantrips feat or have taken one level of sorceror to aid their sailing skills or crafts, as 0-level spells are freely taught even to children.

Description: Pale skin with light blue tints, hair of any color, but body hair such as eyebrows and beards are usually tinted with platinum, gray or black eyes, 6 ft, 200 lbs, sleek and muscular build, typically Neutral Good.

Most Common Avalonian families have long-standing ties to (noble) Avalonian families, titles, and/ or territories. To reflect this, Common Avalonians typically bear a given name, family name, and the name of the patron to which their destiny is tied.
Male Names: Tirwelk, Radmis, Eresto, Spix
Female Names: Nissyn, Tirduna, Luya, Tharglissyn
Family Names: Innunn, Telemsaliq, Retheniunn, Settembrix
Patron Names: Sillux (no formal patron), [any noble Avalonian family name], [any noble Avalonian personal title], Finbarunn, Farthingdallix, Tilleasiunn, Vallix

Racial Traits: As per the PHB with the following changes:

  • Skills: Rope Use, Sail, Spellcraft and Swim are class skills regardless of class chosen.
  • Favored Class: Expert (usually Sailor or Shipwright), Aristocrat or Sorceror

Orichalan, Common

(Oricha, Moonraker Moor, Rogolo River)
There are few of these folk left, as most people with Orichalan blood have been hunted down by the Altanians. Most that still exist either live in isolated communities (such as the Moonraker Moor Folk or the Roglo River Folk) or live in areas where they are not persecuted (such as in the city of Malikarr or in southern Oricha). Nevertheless, some remain in various regions of the Wilderlands, detailed below. Each share the same racial traits and description.

Description: Slight purple cast to skin, some of which may also have patches of slight scales like snakeskin; dark hair, often black or with purplish highlights; amber or grey eyes; 6 ft., 180 lbs, lean build, typically Neutral or Neutral Evil.

Though in some places Orichalans borrow names from other cultures, they have traditionally used a three-part name system: given name, father’s or mother’s given name (depending on gender), and family name.
Male Names: Aditya, Akash, Devdas, Jayindra, Kunala, Madu, Ranjit
Female Names: Anandi, Jayanti, Kanti, Lilavati
Family Names: Ananta, Chanda, Kirana, Padma, Roshan, Swarna

Racial Traits: As per the PHB for Human with the following changes:

  • Skills: +1 Racial Bonus to Craft (Alchemist)
  • Favored Class: Common Orichalans: Sorceror, Alchemist; Moonraker Moor Folk: Sorceror, Fighter; Roglo River Folk: Rogue, Sorceror
  • Racial Animosity: Orichalans are disliked and receive a -1 Racial penalty to reaction rolls.

Viridian, Common

Common Viridians are the basal population of the cities, towns and villages surrounding the Falling Empire of Viridistan. Their primary stock is Tharbrian, dominated for thousands of years by the True Viridians (of which the Green Emperor and his Empress-wife are thankfully the last), and intermixed with a dollop of True Viridian blood. Common Viridians make up the bulk of the farmers, artisans, craftsmen, and merchants of the Empire. The green tinge to their skin is usually looked down upon in the east, while the greener the skin, the better, in the west near Viridistan.

Description: Pale skin with varying tints of green, tawny or blonde hair, green eyes, 5 ft. 6 in., 150 lbs, average build, typically Lawful Neutral or Lawful Evil.

Viridians use title, profession, or caste names referring to one another in public, reserving their given and family names for more intimate association. Given names come first, followed by titles, then ti’ or tir’ (for males) or tiu’ or tuin’ (for females), and then the family name. Additional honorifics may follow. (Examples: Sheon Lord Holrochnan tir’Ahlein, Mainae tuin’Ishtu)
Male Names: Abban, Annush, Athne, Barroc, Dehlan, Labhrac
Female Names: Eene, Eslyn, Vray, Shimri, Clina, Dairine, Demne
Family Names: Eamonc, Fealimae, Bhlarach, Ishtu, Calbrach, Shelass

Racial Traits: As per the PHB for Human with the following changes:

  • Skills: All Common Viridians gain Knowledge (Local: Viridistan) as a class skill regardless of class, since as subjects of an oppressive and highly structured imperial system they have had rules and traditions beaten into them
  • Favored Class: NPC Classes, Fighter, Rogue


Dunael Woods-Folk originated in Dearthwood, where most can still be found, locked in eternal struggle against the Orcs of the Purple Claw. The Dunael are descended from an ancient alliance of Orichalan, Tharbriana, Amazon, and Altanian clans, with a bit of elven blood, blended centuries ago into a single culture. Today they are few in numbers and remain hard-pressed by their orcish enemies. The Dunael, though semi-barbaric today, once had a great culture, and claim to be descended from the ancient Orichalans that inhabited the city where now stands the City State. The Dunael no longer have a king, but are ruled by the Captain of the Rangers, an ally of the Invincible Overlord.

Description: Bronzed tan skin, coal black hair, blue or green eyes, 5 ft. 8 in., 170 lbs, average build, typically Chaotic Good or Neutral Good.

Much like common Orichalans, the Dunael use a given name and father’s or mother’s name (depending on the character’s gender). They do not use family names.
Male Names: Gopal, Hari, Isha, Mukesh, Naveen, Pramod, Ratan
Female Names: Jaya, Kumari, Riya

Racial Traits: As per the PHB with the following changes or additions:

  • Skills: Knowledge (Local: Dearthwood) and Survival are class skills regardless of class chosen and Dunael gain a +2 racial bonus to Survival.
  • Bonus Feat: All Dunael from the City State region and a homeland of Dearthwood gain the bonus feat of Foe Hatred for Orcs .
  • Favored Class: Druid or ranger


(Lenap, Tlan, Chim, Rallu)
Ghinorans are the remnants of the Ghinoran Successor States from the ancient Kelnoran Empire, which fell thousands upon thousands of years ago. They occupy the lands of the southwestern crescent of the Sea of Five Winds from Lenap to Tlan and across to Chim, as well as the regions to the south approaching the Demon Empires and north above Lenap. Though some vestige of civilization is returning to these areas (or has maintained itself over many years), the people are mostly tribal and warlike. Ghinorans may also be found near Tarsh and in the isolated kingdom of Damkina as all are related to ancient Kelnore in some way. The people of Rallu claim to be descended from the ancient Sea Kings of Kelnore and are also Ghinoran (though their lineage comes from Tarsh or Damkina).

Description: Various skin colors ranging from bronzed near the deserts to olive in Tlan and dusky in Chim, brown or tawny hair, brown or green eyes, 5 ft. 10 in., 150 lbs, average build, typically Neutral.

Naming conventions among Ghinorans vary dramatically, but most employ given names followed by clan names. They rarely use kennings and honorifics.
Male Names: Canber, Mendoril, Krens, Aimo, Ilsak
Female Names: Tsamar, Fani, Resh
Clan Names: Aksi, Anteresh, Midu, Goatim

Racial Traits: As per the PHB for Human.


The Gishmesh are the people of the City State of Tarantis and the surrounding lands. The race that is today known as the Gishmesh come from the tribesmen that defeated the declining Kingdom of Kelnore in ancient times. In fact, the Gishmesh were once two very distinct tribes, the Gishemesh and the Paldorian. To this day, people of that region trace their lineage to one of those two tribes, though their joinder has made their physiological distinctions minor. The culture of the Gishmesh still retains its tribal feel. The people are ruled by Sultans and are ruthless merchants and pirates.

Description: Bronzed skin, brown or black hair, any color eyes, 5 ft. 8 in., 140 lbs, slight build, typically Lawful Evil.

Gishmesh employ a given name and a family name, sometimes with honorifics in between. Slaves take on their master’s family name. There are many common embellishments to Gishmesh names, which either go between the given and family name, or at the end. These include the name of the character’s liege lord, her place of birth or home town, and her principle deity.
Family Names: Palauan, Kalah, Firenad, Zayrd
Male Names: Altan, Karavi, Thilam, Ediz, Murat, Serkan
Female Names: Firuza, Ayla, Naheed, Banu, Eda, Sevda

Racial Traits: As per the PHB for Human with the following changes or additions:

  • Skills: Profession (Merchant) and Appraise are class skills regardless of class chosen.


Known as Horse Lords, Karakhan are the people of the far-off Kingdom of Karak to the east. They trade with Tarantis and Rallu and mercenary bands and outcasts from the kingdom can be found throughout the Wilderlands. Karakhans are ruled by a number of petty kings, all of whom pay homage to the High King. Theirs is an organized and clan-based society with a caste system that stifles advancement and leads some to seek their fortunes elsewhere. They export many exotic items and have some of the best mercantile magicians who produce wondrous craft items—robes that shimmer like stars, sculpture that seems to flow like water and weapons of fantastic craftsmanship. They value ritualized wrestling and arenas can be found in every village.

Pointed helms with leather neck guards are common amongst warriors and leaders have dyed leather strips attached to the point for identification. They pride themselves as the best mounted archers in the world (better than even the Tharbrian nomads). Horses are common in their home kingdom and every citizen, it is said, owns at least one horse and rides each day. All citizens are required to keep armor and lance at the ready. The Karakhan of the Wilderlands have developed a strong dislike for Viridians, whether due to imperial pride or culture clash is not known.

Description: yellow skin, black or red hair, green eyes, 5 ft. 2 in., 120 lbs, average build though often bowlegged, typically Lawful Neutral or Lawful Evil.

Karakhans place their family names before their given names, though among foreigners they typically go by their given names alone. The strict caste system allows Karakhans to identify the social standing of any of their peers, merely by listening to their speech and hearing their name. The names presented below represent castes likely to have the opportunity and inclination to travel abroad.
Family Names: Arastu, Behrak, Dilroush, Fehruz, Mehru
Male Names: Arman, Nurzhan, Serik, Temir, Betanrouk
Female Names: Aiday, Aiman, Bibigul, Sheker, Elaheh

Racial Traits: As per the PHB for Human with the following changes or additions:

  • Skills: Handle Animal and Ride are class skills regardless of class chosen. Karakhan receive a +1 racial bonus to Ride checks.
  • Feats: All Karakhan receive Mounted Warrior as a bonus feet so long as they are wearing light armor and not carrying a heavy load.
  • Favored Class: Fighter, Cleric


(Ossary, Winedark Sea, Uther Pentwegern Sea)
The Skandik Sea Wolves are a well-muscled waterloving race. They are ritually birthed in the water and spend most of their youth learning the ways of the sea. They build their towns only along coastlines and their longships raid the surrounding areas. They pay homage to Jarls and organize themselves into clan villages. Only true warriors are allowed to wear beards, which are a sign of manhood. They are renowned swimmers and sailors. Many, strangely, have webbed toes. They traditionally worship the gods Odin, Thor and the Norse pantheon. They inhabit the northern coast above the City State west of Warwik as well as the southern stretch of the Pagan Coast and a number of the isles in that region of the Winedark Sea.

Description: Pale skin, blonde or strawberry blonde hair, blue or green eyes, 5 ft. 9 in., 180 lbs., stocky build, typically Neutral.

Skandiks employ given names and patronymics. They make extensive use of kennings that exaggerate (“highlight”) their prowess. Particularly important ancestors often appear in these kennings.
Male Names: Falbard, Hrothnar, Gilla, Sefnir
Female Names: Brikka, Honi, Daeki, Aoni
Patronymics: Falbardson, Gillasdaughter, etc.

Racial Traits: As per the PHB for Human with the following changes or additions:

  • Skills: Swim and Sail are class skills regardless of class chosen. Skandiks receive a +2 racial bonus to Swim checks.
  • Favored Class: Skald, Expert (Sailor)


(Pazidan Peninsula plains between City State and Viridistan)
Tharbrians are eternal nomads of the central Wilderlands, having migrated into the Wilderlands from the far West. Their ancestors, the Tharbrian Wild-Men are responsible for many invasions into the Pazidan Peninsula and the lands of the Viridistan and the City State. Though still primarily nomadic and warlike, some have settled into more permanent villages and have become accepted in cities throughout the region. The city of Modron was founded ages ago by less nomadic Tharbrians in honor of the goddess Modron whom the Tharbrians freed from ancient captivity. Most Tharbrian nomads are men and women of honor and battle. They believe in a strict warrior code that forbids the slaughter of innocents or the murder of those that have fought valiantly. Among some, this code seems to be a disdain for all things not dealing with war. The conquered are kept as slaves to tend to the herds and perform other labor that is beneath the warriors of this society. Women are equal to men in Tharbrian society. Tharbrian smiths are renown for their sword making skills, and the Tharbrian saber is infamous in battle, more so when wielded by a Tharbrian warrior.

Description: Ruddy tan skin, tawny brown, or raven black hair, blue or green eyes, 5 ft. 7 in., 160 lbs., light build, typically Chaotic Neutral.

While some Tharbrian clans bear their clan names proudly, many simply go by a given name, usually with a kenning (Sathald the Bold, Korin Whiteknuckles, Shahla the Banshee).
Clan Names: Heathbyr, Corwalyn, Meerbracken, Hould
Male Names: Belren, Garthbowlin, Renald/ Renwulf, Hendor, Khoth
Female Names: Gimia, Kahlen, Laeforin, Simla

Racial Traits: As per the PHB with the following changes or additions:

  • Skills: Ride and Survival are always class skills regardless of class chosen.
  • Favored Class: Any, though generally no psionic classes

Humanoid (human)

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