New and Improved Feats

Focus Feats

Focus becomes non-psionic-specific, available to all mana-sensitive individuals. Any sensitive (including manifesters, casters, gods, and fey) can take a full-round action to make a Concentration check to become focused. Per existing rules, a focused individual can relinquish that focus to get an automatic 15 on a Concentration check. Players can also select feats that function while the character is focused, or that produce special effects upon relinquishing focus.

The following focus feats can be found on the d20srd site under the heading “Psionic”

  • Body Fuel
  • Deep Impact
  • Fell Shot
  • Focused Sunder
  • Ghost Attack
  • Inquisitor
  • Mental Leap
  • Narrow Mind
  • Overchannel
  • Psionic Charge (becomes Focused Charge)
  • Psionic Endowment (becomes Focused Endowment)
  • Psionic Endowment, Greater (becomes Focused Endowment, Greater)
  • Psionic Fist (becomes Fist of Focus)
  • Psionic Fist, Greater (becomes Fist of Greater Focus)
  • Psionic Meditation (becomes Focused Meditation)
  • Psionic Shot (becomes Focused Shot)
  • Psionic Shot, Greater (becomes Focused Shot, Greater)
  • Psionic Weapon (becomes Focused Weapon)
  • Psionic Weapon, Greater (becomes Focused Weapon, Greater)
  • Return Shot
  • Speed of Thought
  • Split Psionic Ray (becomes Split Ray)
  • Talented
  • Unavoidable Strike
  • Unconditional Power (becomes Unconditional Effect)
  • Up the Walls
  • Wounding Attack

Feats from the Wilderlands texts (or adapted therefrom)

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  • Amazon Blood [General]
  • Arcane Affinity [General]
  • Arcane Training [Regional]
  • Aristocratic Knowledge [Regional]
  • Artistic [General]
  • Blood of Fire [General]
  • Blood of Ice [General]
  • Cantrips [Regional]
  • Disciplined [General]
  • Domain Affinity [General]
  • Educated [General]
  • Fast Talker [General]
  • Hardy [General]
  • Literate [General]
  • Mounted Warrior [Regional, Fighter]
  • Streetwise [General]

New Feats

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  • Attunement to the Between [General]
  • Babble [General]
  • Baleful Voice [General]
  • Charming Voice [General]
  • Cryptanalyst [General)]
  • Distracting Voice [General]
  • Get the Gist [General]
  • Gift of Gab [General]
  • Great Communicator [General]
  • Natural Linguist [General]
  • Read Body Language [General]
  • Righteous Voice [General]
  • Sergeant’s Voice [General]
  • Sonorous Voice [General]
  • Soothing Voice [General]

Feats from Untapped Potential and other supplemental texts

These feats are also available. Many of them are focus feats.

Course Correction Focus Wis 13, Jump 7 ranks Adjust direction mid-jump
Communal Exemplar Psionic, Racial Dromite, Sense Motive 2 ranks Improved benefit for aid another
Craft Cognizance Crystal2 Item Creation Manifester level 3 Create cognizance crystals, impression crystals, or mindstones
Deceptive Blade Psionic Ability to generate a mind blade Master of mind blade feints
Duck and Weave3 Focus, Fighter Dex 13, Dodge Improve AC while moving
Dueling Blade Psionic Ability to generate a mind blade Parry and riposte with mind blade
Durable Mind Psionic, Racial Duergar Thought shield as a psi-like ability
Exotic Mind Blade Psionic Shape mind blade class feature Alter mind blade into a new weapon
Falling With Style Focus Int, Wis, or Cha 13, Balance 6 ranks OR Tumble 6 ranks Defy gravity by force of will
Favored Energy Psionic Ability to manifest energy missile Deal extra damage with your chosen energy type
Fill the Blade Focus Psychic strike +4d8 Expend focus to charge your mind blade
Focused Dreamer Psionic Psionic Meditation, ability to dream Gain focus while dreaming, guarded sleep
Formbinder General Caster or manifester level 3, one imprinted form Store additional, stronger imprints for Formbound effects

Master Formbinder

General Formbinding, either Bluff 15 ranks and Spellcraft 15 ranks OR Heal 15 ranks and Psicraft 15 ranks Quickly imprint willing forms, or imprint unwilling forms, at a distance
Harmonic Resonance Focus Worldthought network, Psicraft 6 ranks Borrow network members’ powers more easily
Hawkeye General, Fighter Point Blank Shot, Far Shot Increase precision attack range, +1 to spot checks
Lend Health Psionic Cooperative healing, Fast healing special quality, Heal 5 ranks, ability to manifest empathic transfer Heal others reflexively with your fast healing, instead of yourself
Luck Doesn’t Stop Me General Base attack bonus +8, one or more of Deep Impact, Fell Shot, or Unavoidable Strike Attacks bypass luck and insight bonuses, may bypass miss chances
Master of Mantras General Concentration 12 ranks, Psionic Meditation, any two Mantra feats Activate and benefit from two mantras at once
Mental Dampening Focus Wis 13, Autohypnosis 3 ranks, Move Silently 4 ranks Subconsciously dampen sounds of movement

Mentally Inconspicuous

Focus Wis 13, Autohypnosis 3 ranks, Hide 4 ranks Thinking creatures may not notice you

Out of Mind, Out of Sight

Focus Mental Dampening, Mentally Inconspicuous You make yourself invisible to those with conscious thought
Mind Blade Finesse General Shape Mind Blade class feature, Weapon Finesse, Knowledge (Psionics) 4 ranks, Balance 3 ranks Use weapon finesse regardless of your mind blade’s form
Mind Blade Kensai General Psychic Strike +1d8 Mind blade improves if multiclassed
On Fire Focus Cha 13, Psionic Body Your actions literally light up the room
Personality Purge1 Psionic Concentration 8 ranks, Psicrystal Affinity, Improved Psicrystal Psicrystal stores unwanted personality aspect; can draw upon it in battle
Poisoned Blade Psionic Mind Blade class feature, Autohypnosis 6 ranks, Con 13 Absorb poison and charge it into your mind blade
Power by Proxy Metapsionic Manifest powers through mental bonds

Improved Power by Proxy

Metapsionic Power by Proxy Leap multiple mental bonds to target

Web of Influence

Metapsionic Power by Proxy, Improved Power by Proxy Affect multiple bonded targets with the same power
Psicrystal Affinity2 Psionic Manifester level 1 Gain a personality fragment
Psychic Substitution Metapsionic Any other metapsionic feat, ability to manifest an energy power, Concentration 9 ranks Your energy powers are mentally damaging
Psychokinetic Fists Focus Improved Unarmed Strike, Cha 13 Make ranged unarmed attacks
Quickshaper Psionic Free Draw and Shape Mind Blade class features Shape mind blade as swift action
Reckless Blade Psionic Ability to generate a mind blade All-out offensive mind blade charge
Renewal Psionic, Racial Elan, Con 13, Concentration 4 ranks Enter trancelike state to restore self once per day
Shieldwarden of Maenae Psionic, Racial Maenad, proficiency in any armor Armor is a second skin to you
Shuriken Mind Blade Psionic Free Draw and Shape Mind Blade class features Fragment your mind blade into multiple shuriken-like projectiles
Soul Buffer Focus Worldthought network, network sense, Psicraft 12 ranks, ability to manifest psionic revivify Instantly infuse some of your life force into a dying teammate to save them
Subconscious Containment Focus Wis 13, Psionic Body, Concentration 6 ranks Your subconscious mind is able to hold psionic focus
Subconcious Reflexes3 Psionic, Racial Xeph, Speed of Thought +6 to Initiative
Urban Tracking General Use tracking abilities in settlements
Vigilance of the Giants Psionic, Racial Half-Giant, Improved Initiative Act when surprised
Xeph Bladestorm Psionic, Racial Xeph, ability to generate a mind blade Flurry of mind blade strikes, possibly dancing between foes

1 This feat may be taken multiple times. See the feat for special rules.

2 Added functionality from Expanded Psionics Handbook

3 This feat may count as a different one for purposes of other requirements. See the feat for details.

New and Improved Feats

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